Phone Interviews: Avoid these Critical Errors

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Normally it's more productive to talk about what to do rather than what not to do, but I've conducted 100’s of phone interviews over the years and there have been some atrocious mistakes, so I'm taking a hard stance on this one.


  1. Don't do the phone interview in public
  2. Don't do the phone interview while driving
  3. Don't do the phone interview in a place where you will be interrupted or external noises could be heard through the phone
  4. Don't do the phone interview in a place with questionable reception

Make sure you are in a quiet, private, secure place, preferably over a landline or in a place with reliable reception.


  1. Don't do the phone interview lying down or slouching
  2. Don't pace back-and-forth rapidly (or at all if you can handle it)
  3. Don't be an expressionless robot who feels no joy and has a monotone voice
  4. Don't interrupt the interviewer(s)

Sit or stand in a comfortable position where you can move occasionally to stay comfortable but your posture does not impede your voice. You want your posture to inspire professional behavior.

Be sure to smile and insert some excitement into your voice. They can't see your enthusiasm, so they'll have to hear it in your voice.

Now the “Do’s”

  1. Do have your notes on the job description and your resume out for you to reference
  2. Do write yourself fun motivational notes and reminders like, “Smile!”, or “Blow their minds!”, or “Death to my enemies” to keep your spirits up during the interview

Phone interviews are a great way to make a first impression and set yourself up for a great next interview. Prepare appropriately and you'll do a great job!

Need help prepping for your phone interview? Reach out and I'll make sure you are completely prepared!