Line-by-Line Guide to Writing an Effective Customized Cover Letter in Minutes (Updated for 2019)

Cover Letter

Cover letters are like pants. You're not going to get hired just because you wore great pants to the interview, but you're definitely not going to get hired if you don't wear any.

Where the cover letter and the pants differ, is that I don't care if you wore those pants to another job interview, but I definitely don't like if you've sent the same cover letter to another job. Each job application should come with a specifically tailored cover letter explaining why you'd be a great fit for the job. This can be tedious, especially considering the low emphasis the typical hiring manager places in cover letters, so here's a paragraph-by-paragraph guide on how to write a great one as painlessly as possible.

*Follow these bullet points as sentiments to be expanded upon. If you copy this directly, your cover letter will be too short and disjointed.

Paragraph One:

  • I am very excited to submit my application for [job] at [company]

  • I am applying because my personal interests/passions and my skill set align closely with this position

Paragraph Two:

  • The most important skill for a person in this position to have is [most important skill]

  • I gained that skill during my experience as [previous role], where I accomplished [accomplishment related to this skill]

  • I would be thrilled to bring that skill to [company]

Paragraph Three:

  • (Repeat paragraph two for second most important skill)

Paragraph Four:

  • I'm very excited about the prospect of joining your amazing team

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you soon

Need help crafting or reviewing your cover letter? Reach out and I'll be happy to help you!