Cover Letter Discussion

Customized Cover Letters

What you get

  • One Customized Cover Letter, tailored to the exact job or line of work you are interested in; but easily customizable for other positions

  • 20-30 minute consultation, where we will discuss your work history, your goals, and how your transferable skills will make you a great candidate for your ideal next job!


How it works

  1. I review your most recent resume and a job posting which interests you to identify key selling points

  2. We speak on the phone for 20-30 minutes so I can understand your passions and how you'd like to come across in the cover letter

  3. I write you an amazing cover letter!

Regular: $59 CAD



I'll make any adjustments you'd like until you're 100% satisfied.
If your new cover letter still isn't to your liking, you'll get your money back :)