You’re an “Escapee” Job Searcher

Your work

You don’t like it. Maybe it’s your boss. Maybe it’s your co-workers. Maybe it’s the work that you do. It’s probably a combination of a lot of things, but no matter what… this isn’t working.

your challenges

You want out so badly that you’d do just about anything else… which is great in that you are motivated. The only issue here is that you’re not quite sure how to direct your energy. Your resume isn’t really targeted towards a specific industry, or if it is, it’s not up-to-date based on your new goals and experience.

your Solution

You need a strategy. If you’re going to escape from your job and find one you enjoy, you need a plan. You need to pick a direction (or two) and make sure your resume and cover letter reflect those intentions.

I Can help.

If your documents are all over the place and you need a little help strategizing about how to leave this job and land something better as soon as possible, why not bring in a professional to speed things up and make sure you’re doing everything right?

Here’s a package I designed for “Escapees” like you to get you into a better work situation ASAP.