You’re an “Opportunist” Job Searcher

Your work

You’re pretty happy at work. The coworkers and nice and there’s not much to complain about… but you’re not a “Lifer”. You have a long-term vision for your career in mind and you’re open to any opportunity that might take you a little closer.

your challenges

You haven’t been aggressively job searching so you might not be fully prepared when the right opportunity comes along. You haven’t updated your resume in a couple years and you aren’t quite sure what the modern-day cover letter looks like (do people even use those anymore?).

your Solution

You need to be prepared. When your big opportunity comes up and someone who’s offering to help you out asks for your resume, you want to be able to hand them a beautiful, professional document the very same day. That’s how you make a good first impression!

I Can help.

If your documents are a little out of date and you’ve got a good feeling about an opportunity coming your way, why not get some professional help to make sure you are absolutely prepared to seize that chance?

Here’s a package I designed specifically for “Opportunists” like you to make sure you are prepared when that opportunity comes along.