My Happy Clients

Every one of the comments below make me so proud of what I do. I hope to have your satisfied comments on here one day!

Even after the purchase, Greg does follow ups and will be there to support you. After the process, he felt like a family figure. His final results were outstanding. I felt like I could get any job I want.
— Michael P.
Greg’s mentorship and coaching gave me the confidence I needed to succeed. A short 3 weeks and 2 job offers later, I can officially say that Greg is the best thing that’s happened to my career!
— Dakshya S.
Greg was super diligent and knowledgeable with helping me revamp my resume/cover letter. He took the time to learn my very specific engineering trade to create an exceptional end product. I landed a great job in my field following Greg’s assistance and would not hesitate to refer anyone to Greg.
— Frazer N.
Greg spent a considerable amount of time reviewing my credentials in order to formulate a concise and brilliantly worded resume and cover letter for the exact type of position I was trying to attain. Would highly recommend anyone struggling to find work to try Greg’s services!
— Felipe M.
Greg’s support was prompt and effective; moreover, he took the time to educate me as to why his strategies work. This knowledge has allowed me to be more confident with my career path moving forward.
— Sean G.
Greg’s help was critical to my success in the application and interview process. In a pinch, he was flexible in our meeting times and incredibly prepared for our conversations. I came for help with my resume, and left with another meeting and incredibly valuable considerations for my interview. I would not be in my new role without the help of Greg at each step of the process.
— Craig J.
Fast, efficient, professional and courteous. Greg does it all!
— Andreas B.
I am extremely happy with the service offered to me by Greg Langstaff. Not only am I confident about my resume, but the results have come to fruition like no other. I have received multiple interview invitations shortly after sending my resume out.
— Ola A.
Greg is a talented individual, who always delivers! He brings his passion and skill to every job.
— Kapil G.
Greg asks great questions to identify the best plan and is also very articulate in his approach.
— Edwin O.
Greg did and excellent job, he was a great listener and created an outstanding resume.
— Hernan M.
Greg went above and beyond with helping me improve my C.V and LinkedIn profile. He was professional, competent and turned around results quickly.
— Jeff R.
Greg provided excellent advice and support that has resulted in a significant number of new views by recruiters on my LinkedIn profile. His advice on resume writing has also been valuable in making my resume more current and effective. I strongly recommend his services.
— Jeff S.
Greg is a true professional. He is thorough, asks the right questions and challenges you to get to the experience and tangible results employers are looking for in candidates. He’s also an excellent writer!
— Jason F.
Greg was was not only super helpful in pinpointing the impact I had with all my previous jobs, but how he was able to put it all on paper in a well organized and professional looking resume is beyond me. Best decision you’ll make if you need to revamp your resume or cover letters! Get his help asap!
— Rodney F.
Greg provides great service and delivers on his promises!
— Patrick U.
Greg’s help in revamping my resume and cover letter for my dream job gave me the confidence in submitting it! His interview coaching helped me to feel confident and prepared going into the interview! And now here I am, working my dream job in Toronto!
— Ariana S.
Greg’s innate ability to identify and connect my skills and experiences with the needs, wants and interests of interviewers and potential employers augmented my preparation far beyond what I could have achieved by myself. He was fully committed to and instrumental in my success.
— Leonard P.
2 years ago, Greg helped me get my first job in my field when I had no related experience outside of my education. With his assistance, I starting gaining experience within 2 weeks of job searching.

A month ago, I leveraged my 2 years’ experience to land an even better job in my field (and a 25% salary increase). My job search was easy this time because I was still able to use the skills I learned from Greg to stand out from the other applicants.

Working with Greg was an investment that will help me for my whole career!
— Ashton S.
I don’t think I would have been able to secure my job without Greg’s help. I have a lot of good experiences on my resume but Greg helped me write it and present it in way that made me much more competitive. Greg has a vast amount of professional experience and knowledge, and was able to provide me with thorough and relevant advice in my job search.

With my new resume, I was called for multiple interviews and now have a job I love!
— Vanessa P.
If it wasn’t for Greg, I would never landed an interview/position in Student Affairs as quickly as I did. He took the time to honestly review my resume, and helped me discover the transferable skills earned from my student leadership experience. I’ve had a 66.7% success rate of job offers from interviews that Greg prepped me for. Without a doubt, I recognize the positive impact Greg has had on my transition from student leadership to full time employment.

I am lucky to say that since graduation, I have spent zero days unemployed!
— Jeffrey C.
In the beginning of my career, I interviewed for a few roles at post-secondary institutions and was often left feeling disappointed or uncertain of how it went. When I was given an opportunity to interview for a position at YorkU, I reached out to Greg for guidance. Greg provided useful advice on effectively preparing for an interview and I gained a better idea of the type of questions that could be asked as well as the type of answers the interviewer would be looking for. This preparation allowed me to answer the questions in detail and with confidence, which made me the successful candidate for the role.
— Michelle L.
Greg helped me practice potential interview questions and provided helpful constructive feedback. It gave me an edge in my interview.
— Michael C.
I would like to personally compliment the skills of Greg Langstaff for the assistance and guidance that he provided me in regards to rewriting and reformatting my resume/cover letter.

As someone who excels at communication, I can admit that my weakness was translating what I was saying and thinking into written words. Greg taught me how to successfully turn what I was trying to communicate and put it down on paper. My biggest appreciation is that Mr. Langstaff did not write my resume or cover letter for me, but instead TAUGHT me to personally highlight my skills and attributes that I have obtained throughout the years and make them stand out more to companies and potential employers.

If you are trying to present yourself as a professional and excel in terms of formal writing, I do not only suggest, but believe it is imperative that you contact Greg Langstaff
— Thaddeus T.
When Greg told me he was starting a business to help former student leaders like myself get a career after graduating, I thought that there was no better person to do the job. During the many times Greg and I talked, he would often encourage me to apply to different jobs or give me tips on how I could make my resume better.

In fact, among the different employers I had applied to and had interviews with, Greg was the only one willing to discuss with me how to improve; He legitimately cares and any job seeker would be in good hands with Greg.
— Michael S.
Greg helped me prepare for my interview by focusing and tailoring my responses to both the job description and my personal strengths. Because of this pre-interview work I was able to give confident answers and provide real valid experiences to showcase my fit for the position I was applying for.
— Jordon H.